About Leonardo DiCaprio


Blond, blue eyed Leonardo DiCaprio is a role model and has millions of fans around the world. After leading roles in hit movies like Titanic and Romeo and Juliet both of which sold more than 10 million copies, Leonardo DiCaprio has been named as one of the most influential and successful actor in Hollywood. Throughout his career, Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated in five academy awards and ten global awards. So how did his career start?

Born in November 1974 in Hollywood California, Leonardo began his acting career in 1990s. He started by appearing in television commercials as well as soap operas such as Santa Barbara. He took his career to another level in 1993 when he ventured in film acting staring as Josh in Critter 3. However his breakthrough came when he star in romantic drama Romeo and Juliet before achieving international recognition the following year when starred in Titanic which is the second highest grossing film up to date. The son of an immigrant German mother and an underground comic book artist has achieved something that many actors only dream of. Since 2000, Leonardo has received positive feedback for his work in wide genre of film. He is estimated to have a net worth of $300 million and has numerous investments in the real estate industry as well as the film industry. He owns properties in Los Angeles California, New York and an island in Belize. He also owns an apartment in river house. He is also involved is philanthropic initiatives as well as matter that concerns environmental conservation. But did Leonardo DiCaprio success a walk in the park?

Many people usually think that Leonardo DiCaprio had an easy time in Hollywood but that is not true. Coming from humble background, Leonardo journey walk not a walk in the park. He attributes his success from hard work, consistency and determination. After all how can someone become successful if he/she is not hardworking?

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