10 Movies: Aliens Think We Are Just Puny Humans

Here are 10 movies where aliens think we are just puny humans and not worth it. They think they can do what they want with us or Earth is their private battleground to battle other aliens.

Let's start with the older movies
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5 Awesome Films About Time

Written by guest blogger James:

I’m an avid film lover and a collector of watches, so this post really combines two of my favourite things. I’ve recently obtained a new timepiece to add to my vast and admirable collection of luxury watches and I wanted to share a little bit about it before I get stuck into the post! I got this amazingly intricate watch from Lord Timepieces; an online London boutique that sells affordable luxury men's watches (and women’s too!). Now, when I say affordable I’m talking less £100 for this stellar piece of art!

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Mini-Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi (no spoilers)

I saw Star Wars The Last Jedi yesterday at the first 12:30 showing at Cineplex Odeon Beauport in Quebec City. We were about 75-80% that were seated. That's taking into consideration that 2 screens were showing it in English at the same time. Normally, an English movie is shown on 1-2 screens here in Quebec City. Those are Cineplex with 18 screens. That's not counting the few other theatres in town. It's to show you it's a big blockbuster movie that I rarely see here.

What is Star Wars The Last Jedi?

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How to Get the Best Movie Posters for Sale

Movie posters for sale are not just any item people go to the supermarket to purchase. All those who love movies often appreciate all the accessories that come with them and movie posters are probably the best there is. Because of this, many film fans will go to great lengths to find them but often fail to get any results. In fact, a lot of times, movie fans might think that these items are almost impossible to purchase. So, how can a person find these movie posters and acquire them?

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3 Tips For Caring For Movie Posters

Purchasing a vintage posters which are worth so many thousands of dollars is not something that is simple. It is indeed a great investment which does deserve good care. It is necessary for you to always adore and take care of such precious collection that you have. Most of the individuals may not bother to think about the stuffs after buying them. It is good for you to give good care so that your asset remains like that for many more years to come. Here are few tips for you to ensure that you take care of the movie posters well.

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