10 Movies: Aliens Think We Are Just Puny Humans

Here are 10 movies where aliens think we are just puny humans and not worth it. They think they can do what they want with us or Earth is their private battleground to battle other aliens.

Let's start with the older movies
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5 Awesome Films About Time

Written by guest blogger James:

I’m an avid film lover and a collector of watches, so this post really combines two of my favourite things. I’ve recently obtained a new timepiece to add to my vast and admirable collection of luxury watches and I wanted to share a little bit about it before I get stuck into the post! I got this amazingly intricate watch from Lord Timepieces; an online London boutique that sells affordable luxury men's watches (and women’s too!). Now, when I say affordable I’m talking less £100 for this stellar piece of art!

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