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Natalie Portman Bio - More Than Just An Actress

There is n doubt that Natalie Portman is such a unique Hollywood actress, mainly because of her beliefs and ambitions, most of which are different from many others celebrities out there. And that’s not all; she’s extremely talented too. Natalie is a perfect definition of beauty, brains and talent.

At a tender age of 10, Revlon approached her to model for them, but refused to concentrate on her education. However, a year later, when she was 11, an agent managed to convince her to try acting. It was then that she got her first role in a Luc Besson movie Leon: The Professional (1993).

It was after this movie that she decided to change her birth name from Neta-Lee Hershlag to Natalie Portman. She was actually born in Jerusalem, Israel before her parents moved to United States when she was 3 years old. Natalie is the only child to an American homemaker and an Israeli gynecologist. She fluently speaks both Hebrew and English. And also knows conversational German, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and French.

Her breakthrough role came in 1997 when she was cast to play in Star Wars, which later reprised her roles in the sequels Star Wars: Episode II (2000) and Star Wars: Episode III (2005). Despite becoming a popular girl actress, Natalie Portman shocked the world when she decided to take a break from acting and go to college. In 1999, she applied for a degree in Psychology in Harvard. Apparently, she wasn’t interested in pursuing a career in acting. She loved psychology and that she only loved acting because of the different roles she plays.

After college, Mrs. Portman continued taking acting roles and bounced back by appearing in V for Vendetta (2005). She then followed this with movies like Closer (2005), Free Zone (2006), Hotel Chevalier (2007), The Other Boleyn Girl (2008). However, it wasn’t until 2010 when Natalie Portman finally won her first Academy Award in the movie Black Swan. After that, she’s been appearing high-grossing movies like No Strings Attached (2011), Thor (2013), and Jane Got A Gun (2016).

Other than being an actress, Natalie Portman makes headlines for her philanthropic works. For instance, Natalie has always been a vegan ever since she was 8 years old. Thereby, she advocates for animal rights everywhere she goes. Natalie Portman is an Ambassador of Hope for FINCA, which is a microfinance organization that helps women investors in developing nations.

Other than activism, Natalie is never afraid of expressing her political opinions. For instance, she is a well-known supporter of the Democratic Party and big fan of Hillary Clinton whereby she describes Clinton as “a strong, intellectual woman who knows what she wants.” She also supported Barrack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Basically, Natalie Portman is one of those rare Hollywood celebrities who are more than their strikingly beautiful looks. She’s a role model and an inspiration to many people. Natalie has never done any drugs in her life, and uses her celebrity status to influence the world in a positive manner. Natalie Portman is happily married to Devendra Banhart, who is a Venezuelan American folk singer.And they have two kids.

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